21 Day Detox Cleanse and Forum - Sept 2012

Join us this September on the 21 DAY DETOX CLEANSE AND FORUM.  We will be using this time to learn, grow, heal, understand, release, and share.  The guidelines for the Detox are outlined in the video and below too.  Please sign up for the detox so that you can stay on track and stay connected.  Peace!

21 Day Detox Guidelines

Think of the 21 Day Detox as 3 sets of 7 days. This makes it easy to do! 

Week one:  ALL Raw Foods...try to focus on staying low fat which will mean that you should avoid too much oils, and too many nuts.  Stick with Fruits, Veggies and Sprouts.  If you do find or make a dressing ...only consume about 2 tablespoons per day.

Week two: Liquids including Green and Fruit Smoothies, Energy Soups, and Juicing.

Week three: Liquids again...eliminating the smoothies and going either all juice or all water.  You determine how deep you want to go.

After the 21 Days...there is another week of re-feeding your body with nourishing foods.  You should not jump back into your old diet immediately, especially if its a Standard American Diet. 

Week four:  the first few days after the cleanse...stay on raw again ...then mid week incorporate vegan meals and raw. 

You should be feeling brand new!  Let us know how this challenge worked (or didn't) for you!  Send feedback to ecorican@gmail.com