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Hey You!


Have you realized that life is just not about working til you die?  Yeah, me too!  Well, I made a conscious decision to really focus on living my best life and to create a portal to connect, travel and enjoy this journey together. My most fondest memories are the thousands of guests I have hosted over the years while hosting folks while living on the island of Puerto Rico for eight years. I have been hosting tours and wellness retreats for more than 10 years. And I love it!  Something in my soul longs for more travel and more connections! Are you down?


Well, join my group on Facebook to get the latest 411 on our travel packages. My goal here is not to just sit online and talk about where we want to go, this is an active participitory group that is about taking action. Dont talk about it! Be about it! So, get your coins together (and we will discuss that too...we know all folks aint rich) and let's start planning our best life!

Feel free to contact me directly as well. Im here for it all!

Love and Peace,

Skai Juice


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