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Soul Vegan Master Apprenticeship Series

Class Descriptions


Here is a listing of all the classes Skai has taught and will be updated regularly.  If you have any questions or are interested in taking a particular class not listed please message us HERE.  

Trinidadian Eggplant Stew


This class teaches the student how to make a very simple and delicious meal containing an ingredient that few people know how to prepare well. 


Class Time: 18 mins

Cost: $9.99


Register HERE


How To Make Three Raw Vegan Pies


This class was recorded live and offers the student an opportunity to create three very different raw vegan pies:  Mango Berry, Key Lime, and Chocolate Bottom Cheesecake.  The quality of the film is low but the message is clear.


Class Time: one hour 30 mins

Cost: $9.99


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More Classes Coming Soon 
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