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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Paradise Wellness?


Paradise Wellness is a Wellness Vacation concept created by Chef Skai Juice.  She has hosted retreats here in Luquillo, Puerto Rico since 2009.  Her goal is to provide a modest and affordable, natural living vacation experience where people can come, stay, eat well, get pampered, and do so without breaking pocket.  Retreats are now housed in the Casa Del Sol guesthouse...see accommodations...which is situated in the heart of the town of Luquillo.  Skai Juice specializes in Vegan Cooked and Raw wellness programs including Juice Feasting and Coconut Water Detox Cleanses.


What are the accommodations like?


Our new facility affords the guest an intimate opportunity to stay in close proximity to the activities that we provide.  We have a family-style casita, Casa del Sol, in the heart of Luquillo. Everyone in house shares two bathrooms between 5 bedrooms.  Walking to the beach during the day or night is safe and takes only one minute to get to the first grain of sand.  Our yoga classes are held on the beach as well. Chef Skai, her husband, True, who provides the tours, and their 5 year old son, Sun, also live here and work diligently to maintain a prisitine, comfortable experience for you.  You should consider the idea that you are coming into a healing home where you are nurtured and supported with whatever journey you have anticipated taking.


What type of transportation do you provide?


We provide transportation to the various excursions that you select.  All the packages come with Rainforest Hiking and a visit to the Angelito River, however, there are many other activities that you can partake in that we can escort you to.  These extra tours range from: Retail Therapy in Old San Juan, Trip to the Hot Springs in Coamo, Loiza tour for Art and History, and more!


Should I rent a car?


Our wellness vacations are set up to create an all-inclusive type vacation with as many comforts  built in as possible, however having your own transportation means that you can affordably see some of Puerto Rico that may not be included in our program.  We offer to take you to the different excursions as our fees include us as a guide, which is an invaluable service that you may need. Renting a car is up to you.  Some of our guests have. 


While I am eating raw or on a liquid cleanse will other foods be cooked?


Yes, Chef Skai caters to a wide variety of people who are seeking wholesome, healthy Vegan meals.  She prepares Raw and Cooked Vegan Meals, Juices, Smoothies, and Kombucha to not only guests who stay in house but also to the wider community of Puerto Rico.  Her goal is to fully support you on your journey while you are here.


Can I drink or eat off the plan?


The truth of the matter is, your experience is yours.  We provide a place for you to come and detox and experience a special dietary program, however we are not going to police you if you are interested in experiencing Puerto Rico's food.  That is, unless, you say to us, that you really want to strictly stay on this program and need guidance to help you.  We will definitely do our best.


Will I be Hungry?


According to certain philosophies, hunger is all in the mind. On that note, we provide as much sustenance that you can have...even at night...if you should ever feel hungry we have fruit for you to munch on.  If you are participating in a Coconut Water Detox Cleanse then you will feel hungry from one to two days, but it goes away.  We allow you to suck on oranges during this time to help curb the appetite.


Is there any night life around there?


You are more than welcome to journey and see what Puerto Rico has to offer.  We have tried,in the past, implemented nightly activities, but we have found that when people are on a healing regimen, their internal clocks shut down at an earlier time then normal.  Most of our guests end up going to bed earlier then they would at home.  Its kind of the flow with detoxing.  We do provide evening movies...and the best we suggest is bringing a good book to get into.  


Is this a Yoga retreat?


It more depends on how much Yoga would be considered in a yoga retreat.  Many yoga retreats participate in yoga classes between one to two times a day.  We offer yoga classes 4 times a week: Mon, Wed, Fri, and Sat.  We find that for optimal health 4 times a week is plenty... however, if you would enjoy a more intensive yoga experience we can arrange that for you.







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