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Advertising with Skai Juice

Hey there!

I want you to succeed in your ventures and as you can see from my Facebook following I have been able to somehow master this game at building a page with an enormous amount of followers. Unfortunately, due to new Facebook guidelines and algorithms it is very difficult to build a page without paying for advertising. Here is where I help. Since I already have a large platform...I can help push your event, brand, product out into the galaxy to get you the exposure you need. This all started when friends asked me to advertise their events for them on my page...I said what the hell...Im sure others would need this as a valueable resource.


Here is what you get for one weeks of postings:


  • 5 posts on my Skai Juice page (at the time of this writing over 220,000 followers) with post boosting which will force it to be seen by thousands.

  • 20 posts in various groups on Facebook that I am apart of....Im in 100s of groups...that are targeted to your content.

All for only $25


What I will need:

  • Clear pictures...max of 5

  • Your text to go with can have up to 5 different texts

  • Dont forget your contact info, email, website, etc


Order your Advertising here!






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