My Big FAT Veggie Life! Online Course

Lesson 4: How are we going to do this?...and what are we going to do?!

You are you going to need to get Ketostix to monitor that you are in Ketosis. If you are eating at or under 30g carbs your body has no choice but to go into ketosis. After ~30 hours glycogen stores are used up. Ketostix aren't always accurate. If you stay hydrated they won't show a thing. As long as you are diligent with your tracking and know you are hitting you numbers don't sweat it. Ketostix will only show "excess" ketones being spilled into the urine.

Logging your food in Cronometer is really an important part in trying to stay on this game.  The reason being is because they have a feature already built in where it tells you how much carbs, fats and proteins you are consuming on a day to day basis.  And even though you may not be interested in logging everything you eat, those who do really do see the results because they are better able to follow along on this regimen and staying within the 30 grams or less of carbs needed to stay in Ketosis.  So set up your account on TODAY!!

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Whether you are fully eating from the keto shopping list or not its good to start logging what you eat in cronometer so you can start getting used to the idea of logging.  Remember those who log, lose weight!

One big difference about being Vegan versus Vegetarian is eating dairy...namely cheese.  What is your thought about eating cheese ...some people are adamamently opposed to it...others dibble dabble.  There is no wrong answer...its more of a survey. What are your thoughts about consuming Cheese?  Please put your ideas below in the comments section.