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Skai Juice is available to partner with brands in variety of ways. These include Brand Placement, Sponsorship, Product Reviews and Giveaways, and Advertising.

Please contact for pricing details and questions:

As you may already know I have been able to amass an incredible following on my social media network. I offer sponsorship opportunities to get your brand out in the forefront of my fan base now with an even more assertive approach to marketing. Facebook Live is Facebook’s newest product and it is pushing people out into the atmosphere. They are in direct competition with Twitter’s Periscope and offer fan pages highest priority on all Facebook Live videos. That means that when our videos go live the algorithms pushes them into a wider audience than a regular status update, picture posting, or even uploaded video.


Since I have started doing Facebook Live videos my viewership has increased from 800,000 to 3 million views on my videos in one month. Folks love my cooking videos, and about living here in Puerto Rico and other cool lifestyle topics. You can sponsor these videos and get your brand pushed out to thousands of people immediately and tens of thousands through the course of a few days. My statistics are intense for a non-celebrity like myself, but my following continues to grow. Let’s work together to get your brand in the forefront.


My Introductory Specials are pretty affordable for the exposure you can get. Please contact me so we can work out your package. All packages are negotiable!

Skai Juice Facebook Stats

  • 60% of Followers: Women, ages 18 – 55, largest demo women ages 35-44, from the US, English Speaking, Professional, median income $47,000

  • July 2016 Page Views: 65,000 +

  • July 2016 Post Reach: 58 million +

  • July 2016 Page Engagement: 5 million +

  • July 2016 Video Views: 3 million +


Sponsorship and Ad Rates

Promoting your brand on Skai Juice FaceBook Live Includes listing of business in post heading including website or facebook page (brought to you by ABC business and two mentions during live segment (one at beginning, one at ending), also includes instagram/facebook postings with pictures


Universal Package: offering the most exposure for your brand at the highest organic engagement

  • Facebook Live Week Long Sponsorship: All Videos: $500 Upgraded for your targeted area: $300

  • Product and Event Reviews: Facebook Live review on your brand product $500 with targeted boosting in your area $300 (must be a comparable brand to page…i.e: health and wellness, etc)

Stellar Package: offers your brand optimal video exposure

  • Posting your own video: starting at $100 up to four mins

  • Upgrade for targeted marketing in your area: $50

  • Three Live FB Video sponsorship: starting at $100

Solar Package: offers the most affordable experience for your brand

  • Sponsor a one time FB Live Video: starting at $50

  • Upgrade for targeted marketing in your area: $50

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