My Big FAT Veggie Life

So Skai…now what?  Well, now that you have gotten some info from my course you should be contemplating whether or not you want to do this lifestyle to lose weight and get healthier.  So many people struggle with eating it is amazing how many people contact me on a regular basis to help them.  That is why I created this program.  Where I want to take you is to where you struggle to be on the other side of unhealthy living…yep…the real world is easy to screw up.  We live in a time where drinking soda is cheaper than a clean cup of water.  There is seriously something wrong with that picture!


Right now I am fully engaged…I'm tired of the weight loss game and I know exactly what to do...this food game is not a mystery.  We also know the formula...but what happens? …life happens and we lose motivation, we jump off the boat. When you have that support to persuade you to make those moves there is hardly a reason you can come up with to say that you are not going to do this. You know how it is! Im that buddy you need...the one who tells you to STAY ON TRACK! So I have created this club for all those who need that support and motivation to get through to the other side of unhealthiness.  We can do this together!


I have created the ONLY Plant-Based Low Carb program around!  So many times you look at people on these low carb pograms (Ketogenic, Paleo, Primal, etc) eating nothing but burgers on lettuce…and Im like..well…I don’t want to eat meat like that.  I know veggies are where it is at.  But people get limited with their choices on what to eat that is primarily vegetarian and low carb at the same time.  Yes I know!  Been there done that. The big deal is that as a Vegetarian eating lots of carbohydrates through fruit and beans is one of the reasons why many Vegetarians dont easily hit their goals too.  Beans and fruit are healthy…but how much are we eating.  That has always been my problem…keeping the portions under control.  And this is part of the education…knowing how and when to measure.  And it doesn’t come naturally!  It is when we are in control when we see real progress.


My Big FAT Veggie Life is the first and only online weight loss and get healthy program of its kind.  Here we will focus on eating a High Fat, Low Carb, Moderate Protein Plant Based diet. I think the success of any program is results and so far (at the time of this writing) I have already lost 20 pounds…and that is just in the few weeks that I have really taken this seriously.  The thing that I love about this is I really love the fact that eating this way makes me feel really good. I hate dieting and counting calories. I hate being HUNGRY!!!  And I hate not feeling satisfied.  Don’t you?


So, here is what you get for joining the Club:


  • Recipes: All low carb, mostly plant based, and all the way live delicious! I am going to focus primarily on Vegan (raw and cooked) recipes…however there are times when I will include Vegetarian recipes and even Poultry and Fish for those that eat that way.  Remember this program is for everyone…and not everyone is where you are.  The goal here is to eat as much veggies as we can! 


  • Online classes: to really show you how to prepare this dishes…cause sometimes reading a recipe is not enough.


  • Educational information: on the Ketogenic diet and getting healthy and fit this way


  • Fitness Videos: to help you with your workout plan…which is something we have to do.


  • Interviews: of people eating and living this way…always motivational to hear about others who work through their struggles to make it happen.


  • Entrance into Skai’s Online Wellness Center and Library: where information is stored and discussions are had….hosted on Facebook as a group.


  • Weekly weigh ins: I will keep track of your progress...sending out a reminder and logging it for you.


  • Motivational Affirmations: What the mind can dream, the body can achieve.


  • Email with Skai: Im available all the time by email to answer your questions and help you in any way that I can!






















So, ready to begin??  Just say to yourself: 

I am ALL IN, Skai!  Let's do this together!

Right now, joining the club is FREE and open to all people interested in getting serious about getting healthy. You should at least commit fully to changing your eating, starting your healthy living and weight loss journey for one full year.  And I will be here to work with you all the way. I am fully available by email and always personally respond.  We also have a plethora of people in the Online Wellness Clinic and Library who are here to answer questions and help you as needed!
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Thanks for checking out my website!

I am honored!  Give Thanks ~Skai Juice

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