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Trinidadian Eggplant Stew


This class teaches the student how to make a very simple and delicious meal containing an ingredient that few people know how to prepare well....and its full of flavor.  Eggplant is a low carb vegetable (actually fruit) and it takes strong flavors very well.












Class Time: 18 mins


Cost: $9.99

Puerto Rican Vegetarian Cuisine: Sancocho

This stew goes back at least 400 hundred years to when the Spaniards brought African slaves over to the island. They would make a huge pot and let it stew all day and have a hearty meal ready after a long day of labor. Over time, sancocho became a popular dish to be enjoyed by everyone. Variations of sancocho can be found throughout the Spanish Caribbean.


Sancocho is traditionally made

up of beef tips, beef stock and a

variety of starches that are both

native to the island and to Africa.

Although plantains are associated

with Puerto Rican cuisine, the

plantain is originally from Africa.

My favorite starch in this stew is the

yucca root, which is native to Puerto Rico

and was use by the native Taino Indians.

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