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What is an Online Wellness Center?


Skai's Online Wellness Center has been created to assist YOU in developing healthy lifestyle choices and promote behaviors that result in enhanced wellbeing. Our focus is on developing the whole person by offering programs, resources, and educational material on health promotion and illness prevention. By making simple adjustments in your lifestyle, you can lead a much healthier journey. My goal isto make it easier for you to make these behavior changes by creating a forum for you to ask questions and be supported by our group of other health seekers.


How do you use the "Clinic"?


By being a member you have access to our e-Library, Videos, Programs and all classes that Skai offer. Join us on our regularly scheduled programs: Juice and Smoothie Cleanses, Coconut Water Detox Cleanses, Body Movement Challenges, Raw Food Programs and Educational Components, Guest Lectures and more! The best thing to do is to visit often and participate. If you need more help, more guidance...SPEAK UP! Also, feel free to email Skai for more personal coaching. All of this you can get from this Online Center!!


This "Club" is great, Skai!


How can I get more folks to be apart of it?


Wow, Thanks! We appreciate your love and support. This Online Wellness Clinic has developed into an amazing Virtual Library as there is much value and information here. If you have any friends that are interested in being a member then send them to me...I will get them all enrolled!

Anything else? Feel free to ask! Peace


Only $29

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