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Episode 2

Shit! The day has gone by so fast and Sylvia looks up at her clock and realizes that Jessica is about to call. She walks over to her couch, sits down, and deeply takes a few breathes. Sylvia relaxes into a meditative state. Clears her mind of all outside thoughts. She does this until her phone rings.

Hey Jessica! How are you feeling today?

...Well, not sure. I just wanted to let you know that the formula you gave me for Harmon didn't work.

They haven't had any romance in their life for years. Jessica almost drove herself crazy thinking that her husband was cheating on her. Sylvia wasn't shocked. Jessica was in constant contact with Sylvia wanting to know what was going on with her unaffectionate man. Nothing came through. Sylvia figured his libido was low and he was suffering from depression. She gave Jessica some herbs to help him during the last session, but Sylvia already knew that there was no quick fix that could help him. Today her plan was just to listen.

...He actually threw up. He said that stuff tastes nasty. And he’s not into taking any herbs. He said stop bringing him things from that witch doctor.

Sylvia laughed. If he only knew.

...Well then, we can focus on Harmon or we can focus on you. I think focusing on you should be the priority. Your wellbeing is what is more important. Harmon can take care of himself.

...Yes, but how am I supposed to live with a husband who doesn't even touch me. How am I supposed to live like that?

...So, let’s start there. How are you supposed to live with a husband who doesn't touch you? Who doesn't show you affection in anyway? You have choices.

...Well, leaving him is not an option. I can't do that.

...Ok, not sure why, but let’s look at other ideas. What would settling for a sexless life look like?

...Oh no! I can't do that either... I'm suffering right now. I thought he was stepping out on me, but since I know he is not then I have to fix this.

...What if you can't? What if he is unwilling? This is why I would like you to focus on you. His journey is his. Yes, you have committed your life to him but you still have your own life too. And your own life will suffer if you don't acknowledge that. So in the meantime you need to focus on you. You can and should speak to him about the situation, ‘cause it’s not fair to you to live this way.

...Yes, you are right! This situation has taken me down for sure. I don't even know what to do. I'm a wreck!

At that moment, Sylvia visualized Jessica falling over a waterfall, and immediately realized that Jessica had gotten so emotionally overwhelmed with her home life that she really was not only desperate, but completely traumatized. Her empathic nature connected with Jessica and felt the sadness and despair that she was going through for the last few months. Working towards solutions wasn't going to happen today.

...Well, the very first thing you must do is Breathe! Let’s do that now. In through the nose, out through the mouth.. Lower your palate to regulate a smooth other words, blow out of your mouth as if you are blowing out cigarette smoke.





They continue breathing on the phone, Sylvia over emphasizes her breathing so that Jessica can hear her....and connect.

...Now let’s just pause here. What I want you to reflect on is what you really want to create for your life. Let’s check back in tomorrow and see where you get with this reflection. What do you think?

...I appreciate that. That is a different thought then what I had, so I will change my thinking and see what I can come up with. Thank you again Sylvia!

An abbreviated session was the order of the day. Sylvia wasn't feeling it today. The over-emotional will have to wait until tomorrow.


Sylvia gets her coconut yogurt and sits out on the veranda, she decides it's a good time to visit her friend Sofeeya....

Sofeeya lives in another dimension. They have never met, but Sylvia has tuned into Sofeeya’s life for a while now. It's Sofeeya’s own personal Netflix. She views this dimension as she travels through the ethers...she sees this other dimension as if she is looking into a new world that looks exactly like this except its situated inside of a glass bubble. Sylvia is very intrigued by Sofeeya’s life and wonders if they will ever meet in this new dimension. Sylvia finishes her snack and decides to lounge out and take a trip to see what Sofeeya is up to today. She figures she needs a celestial vacation after that little emotional session with Jessica. In fact, Jessica needs one too... but Sylvia will have to work on that with her to get her to release in this way.

Sylvia starts her meditation with a relaxing of her body and three deep breaths.....

On her last exhale, she vanishes into her own soul...

Sofeeya walks in the house with a bunch of flowers she just picked. Her home is her solace and when she looks out in the plains at this time of the year all she sees are a plethora of heavenly flowers of all kinds.

...This is God! I'm so glad my people found this land. It is magical!

The phone rings...its Benji, her lover.

...Hey Babe! What’s good, Hollywood?

...Just thinking about you beautiful! Wondering if you home today? I want to see you.

...Sure! I just came out the garden, clipping these flowers for the house... nothing else really, I'm here!

...Great! I'll be there in 20!

Sofeeya is enamored by Benji. That have had a great friendship turned love affair for almost a year now. The only problem Sofeeya is struggling with is the fact that Benji is polyamorous and has another lover that Sofeeya is having a hard time processing. The good news is that his lover lives in Haiti and he doesnt see her but several times a year, so technically Sofeeya has him to herself for most of the time.

Sofeeya runs into the bathroom to hit the hot spots and to light up one of her oudh incense to set the mood. Just the thought of Benji gets her super excited, she really didnt realize how sex starved she was.

Benji arrives and walks right in the screened door. These country homes are so inviting.

...Hey honey! His deep voice penetrating the small wooden bungalow. He walks into her bedroom. She is laying there on the bed, fake reading her astrology book. He comes up to her and grasps her hand to have her stand so he can hug her completely and give her a passionate kiss. She loves his grace and compassion towards her. She immediately feels her heart connecting to his. It has been a week since they have seen one another and it actually felt longer. There devotion to one another is unlike anything Sofeeya has felt before. Almost immediately, he takes off her blouse.

Her big round breasts are aroused by the wetness of his mouth gently sucking the tops of her nipples. They lay down and proceed to seed the universe with their love making. Their copulation is partly carnal but mostly transcendental. Once he rises up from her vagina, his face all wet, he penetrates her where she can barely contain herself. It's like the moment she has been waiting for. Benji puts his face right in hers and breathes in and out of her mouth. They feed each other their spirit. Sofeeya is happily satisfied by her man’s ability to fill her up. Their prance is an exercise in balance and flow. Benji’s phallus is now gyrating at such a rhythm that Sofeeya’s yoni starts to fiercely contract. The sudden convulsion they both experience ends in a very peaceful dance as softly as it had begun. They lay their humming to one another, in each others arms. Sofeeya is grateful.

...Babe. I soo enjoy you! You give me so much energy. I love you!

...Likewise! I can do this everyday.

...I have to tell you something...I hope this doesn't change the energy. Cause I'm on such a high right now.

...Uh oh! That is a set up. What's going on?

Sofeeya gears herself for an energy change. She actually hates when Benji does this and was praying that what she suspected wouldn't come out of his mouth.

...Well, ah...he says nervously, ... Roseline is coming up this week to visit.

Sofeeya’s face dropped...and so did the entire blissful mood.

...So were you planning on telling me the day she arrived or the day after?

...Actually, I was planning on telling you as soon as I found out, which was today. I would never keep information from you like that. That wouldn't be right.

...Yeah, but what is the short notice all about? I don't get it!

...Well, she is working on getting situated here in the states. She has been contacting some schools and felt it was a good time to come and check them out. She really didn't pre-plan just kinda happened.

Sofeeya is trying to wrap her mind around all this polyamory shit. She can't believe she went from 100 to 0 is three seconds. She was just on top of the world and now she is under it. She is really having a tough time finding compersion with this chick whom she never met. Now this bitch wants to move to the U.S? What the fuck is Sofeeya gonna do now? How is she going to share Benji with her in this new reality? She barely sees him already due to his work schedule. She is silently pissed.

...Well, I guess this will be the time when we meet. Are you ready for that? She challenges Benji.

He looks up and out of the window. Not fully prepared for that scenario.

...Naturally, that is what we Must do! That is only right! I will discuss with her and get back to you about this. They only way the loves of my life can be good with this... is if they know each other. I wasn't actually prepared for this either...not at this time at least, but the Universe has a funny way of navigating the inevitable.

Sofeeya immediately feels a little better. She is impressed by his ability to make things right all the time. Her man is taking the right steps to make her feel secure in their love. Now, she has to get ready for this meetup.

...Woosah! Let it flow Universe!

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