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Episode 3

Harmon knew who Sylvia was before his wife told him she was giving him some tea to drink. He played it off well ‘cause Jessica never suspected a thing. Harmon lightly delved into the metaphysical healing arts too. He knew that if Jessica went to see Sylvia then it would be all over for him. So he made a call to a friend who casted a protection spell on him, that way if Jessica asked Sylvia to read him Sylvia couldnt get through...


The first session that Jessica had with Sylvia was basically an exploratory one. Jessica came in thinking that her husband was cheating on her and she wanted a reading to confirm what she felt. When Sylvia went into meditation, she couldnt even pick up on Harmon, her mind screen faded to black. She guessed that he was being protected by something and told Jessica that possibly he was suffering from depression. Jessica wouldnt understand the languages of the metas’... She told Jessica that it would take some time to figure out what was causing the burdens in his life and this might uncover the reason why he lost his sexual appetite for his wife.

On the next session with Jessica, Sylvia told her that she had some Dr Sebi herbs that she will send her for free. This should help enhance the oxygen in his bloodstream so that he could get an erection.

...” If he is suffering from Erectile Dysfunction or the like these herbs will change that around. Just place the entire package of loose herbs in a cast iron pot with 5 quarts of water. Let it develop into a rapid boil for 5 mins. Then turn it off and let it steep for two hours. Once that is done, make sure it cools for a few hours. Then strain it and squeeze as much of the water out of the herbs that you can. Put the squeezed herbs in a ziplock and roll up in the back of your freezer. Save the herbal pack. Next give him a small cup right before bed. Warm it up if need be, but not in the microwave. Dont sweeten with anything, not even honey... keep it as is.”

Jessica followed the directions to a literal T. She really wanted her husband to want her again like back in the day when they were so into each other. As soon as she received the package from Sylvia in the mail she immediately opened it and found the instructions on how to make the tea hand-written by Sylvia in the mailer pouch. She started off early afternoon to make the tea so that it would be ready by the evening. She went over to Sandy her neighbor to borrow a large cast iron pot.... Thinking to herself,

...” My grandmother had the entire set of cast iron pots. Why do I have to go next door to borrow one? Doesnt make sense.”

Jessica put it on her mental things to do list to start buying some new cast iron pots.

Harmon came home from work and immediately smelled the strong mixture that had taken over the house. Jessica said...

...”I got some Dr Sebi herbs for you. They help to oxygenate your blood and will help you feel better. I got them from Sylvia.”

Harmon rolled his eyes. He was clearly not interested. He went into the room to get undressed and relaxed after a day at the bank where he worked. That evening, Jessica brought the warmed cup to him. She said that he was supposed to consume the cup of tea completely right before bed. He decided to go along with the ‘tasting” and took a tiny sip in his mouth in order to show Jessica that he was trying the “these herbs can help our sex life” program, and then quickly spit it out, telling her it tasted horrible.

Jessica was shocked and saddened. It was as if Harmon didnt really want to try. She was doing everything to help their marriage and he was doing nothing. Harmon was slightly oblivious to the pain he was causing his wife. He kinda knew it, he really didnt know how to navigate it. His mission was to protect her, and he was trying to procure that in some odd way. But it wasnt working. Harmon suspected that the tea that Sylvia gave his wife was sort of a spell remover tea. He was right. What he didnt realize was that he actually did not have to fully consume it. That one drop that hit his tongue was enough. Whatever protection spell that was cast over him was lifted. His situation came right on through to Sylvia and Harmon had no clue.


Sylvia woke up from her travel around the Universe. She thoroughly enjoyed her glimpse into the life of Sofeeya. She was sitting there thinking about this Roseline chick from Haiti and how that is going to play out. Suddenly a window in her mind pops open. She calls them notifications. Its like her psychic mind computer is working behind the scenes and is sending her a message.

As Sylvia, sat in quiet meditation, a story was being played out about Jessica’s husband. She completely understood what was going on with him now. She realized that she can totally focus on helping Jessica get her life back. She was sure of it.

The phone rang... she looked down and her phone. It was an unrecognizable number... New Client!

...Hello! Good Day! Sylvia answered.

...Good Afternoon, I'm trying to get in touch with Ms Sylvia.

...This is she, how may I help you.

...Oh great! My name is Ellen. I was referred to you by your nail technician, Leslie. He said you could help me. I'm having problems with my relationship and he told me you were the one to call.

...Yes, if it wasnt for Leslie, I wouldnt be in business. He sends me clients constantly. Well, he is a great referral. How can I help you?

...Well, before I begin, can you tell me a little more about what exactly you do? I mean he told me that you are a Psychic Life Coach, but Ive never heard of that before and I honestly have never used a psychic. I was raised Christian.

Sylvia rolls her eyes. Another one, she thinks to herself. And immediately turns on her professional voice. She is also a professional code-switcher. Let's be real... folks out here won’t be able to handle the real her.

...I completely understand. Well, first of all, I am actually a Life Coach, hard stop. My goal is to assist people with their life. In that, I use various tools. The main one is my psychic abilities. I am what some call a savant.. I am gifted in all of the clairs... Clairvoyant (clear seeing) Claircognizant (clear knowing) Clairaudient (clear hearing) Clairempathy (clear emotional feeling) Clairgustance (clear tasting) Clairsentience (clear physical feeling) Clairtangency (clear touching) Clairsalience (clear smelling). So basically I can see, hear, feel, touch and sometimes even smell and taste on a psychic level. I do believe this gift is rare from what I have researched. I am also an herbalist and an alchemist. Alchemy is the movement of energy using magic. Everything is energy and has a frequency. Magic is hard to explain but basically it's adjusting the frequency to move the energy. Changing or transforming energy can change the outcome of almost anything. I can do sessions over the phone or in person. Of course in person is best if you are in the area. My first session is $60 which is an orientation... I am orienting myself with you and your problem and you as well will orient yourself with me. From their my fees go up, however, I offer a money back guarantee on my services after the orientation because I'm not here to make money, I'm here to help people. And I have never had to give anyone their money back ever for the record. I just use that guarantee to ensure people that this is at no risk to them.

Ellen was shocked... “ Well, Leslie described you perfectly! I'm very interested in getting started with the orientation. How do I go about this and what form of payment do you take?” Sylvia amuses her thoughts. She ready!

... Are you able to come by tomorrow? Say, 10am? And yes, I take Cash app, Paypal, Zelle, cash, checks, and all major credit cards. Sylvia amuses herself. She was her own walking business.

...Yes, 10am would be fine. Can you please send me your address?

...Already done...check your texts.

...Got it! Thanks


Sylvia called Leslie.

....Girl, who you sending me?

Sylvia and Leslie have a very familiar girlfriend relationship ever since Sylvia found him. She was way over the Asian nail salons and was looking for a nail shop that wasn't so pushy and where proper English was spoken. She found Leslie through a referral and booked an appointment for a mani/pedi in his cute salon over on the West side. She knew as soon as she walked into his place she found the brother/sister she needed.

His decor was Boho meets Garden Center. The colors were natural and cheerful and there was a plethora of plants everywhere. And not one tacky picture of nails anywhere. She didnt feel like she was in any nail salon, but more like his living room. Basically, he converted a house into his salon. The waiting room was comfy and one of the bedrooms was his private nail studio. The other room was Cheeky, his homegirl/partners hair studio. She did natural hair and locks. Sylvia used both services but since her hair was a short natural only came to see her about every three months.

Leslie has actually directly contributed to Sylvia’s success because since he had private intimate encounters with his clients he was able to get to know them and their stories in such as deep way and whenever he felt like folks needed some extra help, he gave them Sylvia’s number. In Ellen’s case...

...Hunty, that bitch needs you in a fast and expeditious way! Leslie speaks with the utmost of sass.

...Yeah, I felt it. She is meeting me tomorrow. Thanks again. I think I owe you about a million dollars now.

... About? Bitch! I thinks it more like ABOUT 2 million!

...OK! Damn, let me get back to you on that. I guess Ill will my children to you. That’s all I have.

...Girl, please! I dont want no damn children...anyway, I'm sitting here being rude to my client. I'm about to give her some new feet. Ill talk to you later. OH! Before, I forget, I have to tell you about my new friend...he is a Lawyer! Smooches!

..OK! Click! Leslie is too much. He hangs up on her before she can even barely say goodbye.

Sylvia wasnt even sure Leslie heard her. He was on to the next thing. Yes, and Leslie’s gay dating life is like another soap opera that Sylvia watches... for entertainment purposes only. She's amused and decides to call it a day.

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