• Skai Juice

Episode 1

Sylvia woke up crying again.

This was one of those cries that have no real was more of a release then anything really. Sylvia is one of those women who appears to have everything under control. And for the most part she does. This cry seemed to come out of nowhere ‘cause she was apparently in a deep sleep. So waking up with an emotional outburst seemed so out of the ordinary for her.

She rolled over to see if she disturbed BoiToi..... Nothing. Good... she really wasn't in the mood to have to explain anything to him. The wonderful thing about having conversations with BoiToi is a constant reminder of where she wont be going with him. Very Far! She has this superpower to tune him out when he starts talking about all his stuff and she really wish she cared but it was hard to connect on his level. Let’s face it.. While he thought she was the world, she looked at his as the filler that he was. Something kinda like cellulose, that plant based cardboard that is popping up in all types of food products nowadays.

Sylvia laid up in her bed. It was comfortable. She was wide awake and it was only 3am. She still had time before she got up to tend to clients. Sylvia gave readings to people all over the world and business was booming. She looked over at her phone and didn't even want to touch it. It was like a portal to another dimension and as soon as she reviewed her messages she would have to start flying through the atmosphere, through space, and time and all the infinite realms of this and all other universes. Her cell phone did that for her. She decided to relax at this moment. She wanted to enjoy her time now to reflect on her own life and her own possibilities.

The crying episode came to her mind again. She woke up so suddenly she couldn't figure out what it was that initiated it. She tried to focus on what she was dreaming about but ended up with a blank. That rarely happens. Sylvia analyzes her own dreams all day. She was a bit perturbed that she had no clue as to why she woke up with a sudden emotional outburst of sadness. She didn't feel sad at all and didn't know where it stemmed from. She was going to put that one on the shelf for another day. Maybe something would come up that would give her some answers about what is going on in her own subconscious mind.


Text message: Are you available today?

Sylvia rolls her eyes. Its 6am. Who the hell is that important?

Jessica is texting again. She has been obsessed with Sylvia’s readings. They have developed this weird more than a client type relationship... although its very one sided. Sylvia finds it very entertaining. Timing sometimes is not a thing that Jessica has a grasp for. Not to mention that Jessica is two time zones away so she possibly forgets that its way too early to message Sylvia with her problems.

Unfortunately, Jessica is a glutton for punishment. Her self esteem is so low that she makes such poor choices, especially as far as relationships go. Her sense of what should be a healthy holistic relationship doesn't exist. And she utilizes Sylvia way too much for guidance then the normal “I want a reading” folk.

Sylvia sighs... “she should just put me on a retainer.” The amount of money Jessica spends on Sylvia’s psychic readings and life coaching would be construed as obscene, however some people just need that type of help. Jessica just doesn't realize how exhausting she is to Sylvia. It takes Sylvia a whole entire day to rejuvenate from a session with her. That is why the money makes sense. It all has to add up.

Reluctantly, Sylvia answers her text. She realizes that in order for her to get through her day she needs to create boundaries for Jessica.

....Hey Jess, got some clients early today. How about 5pm?

....Ok... I'll call you then. Thanks!

That gave Sylvia the entire day to get into the right mindset to tackle Jessica’s session. Whew!

...Lord! I'm hungry... let me find something in this fridge to eat.” Sylvia made a slice of avocado toast with some guacamole she made the day before. Her BoiToi gets up and dressed and rolls out to work. She is finally completely alone. She reflects on her crying fit this morning. She sits there and falls into a daydream of sorts finding herself walking in her own mind. Her dream finds her walking along an unrecognizable path in a park.

She realized that she has drifted into a meditative state and decided to ask her guides why she woke up crying. A picture of her daughter pops in her psyche. Sylvia immediately feels pain in her heart which she acknowledges as a confirmation on the info given by the guides. Sylvia snaps out of it and bows her head in her hands. Shaking her head she knows she must do something about her daughter’s situation.

Sylvia gives thanks to the Universe for allowing her the gifts to help people! Ashe!

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