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Veggie Success 101 Coaching Program


Hey Friends! Skai Juice here!  Did you miss the call we had the other night?  Check it out here:  VEGGIE SUCCESS 101 Conference Call


What are you interested in creating for your life?   Interested in becoming a Vegan Personal Chef?  A Caterer?  A Wellness Coach?  What drives you? What is your passion?


If questions like this come to mind...then you are normal and are seeking a lifestyle where you can create your abundance through expanding this much needed Vegetarian world.


Right now, I m living on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, owner of a Wellness Retreat business, Vegan Café – my third, Founder and Director of a non-profit organization, the Luquillo Farm Sanctuary – a children’s eco-farm program, with an 80 acre farm, and an online following of over 60,000 people. I get hits in the millions to my Facebook pages. Do you know how many people want to know how I do it all?...if I had a dollar…HA! But really, it dawned on me one day that I need to put this whole concept together and get folks motivated and activated in to creating their very own businesses. I have had and still have brick and mortar ventures…and I also have my own online ventures as well….WHY CANT YOU?


My passion has been from as far back as I can remember….VEGETARIAN COOKING AND HEALTH! I love it! I cant really think of anything else I would rather do…and I decided to create a business that would afford me the luxury to do what I love. I have become an EXPERT in this field....Yep, I have made PLENTY of Mistakes! That’s what experts do…yep, we try try try try try try try…till we figure it out and make it happen. I don’t think one good college degree can offer the experience of actually doing it yourself.


I have never been the job having type. My last job was over 12 years ago.  I started when I was pregnant with my 3rd child, Yasmin. I started by writing a list of all the Vegetarian foods I can make from the top of my head. I believe it became the beginning of my Catering menu….that is how simply I started…a few month later I was Catering a Vegetarian Wedding for $5000. And literally everything snowballed from there…Catering led to Café, Café led to Retreats, Retreats led to moving to PR, PR needed a good Café, and folks online stayed connected with the whole entire process…purchasing my ebooks and following my videos on YouTube and more!  And I literally had no money to begin my businesses…I just did it because I wanted drive is what made me create something from nothing!


My goal here is to help you get the keys you need to make a business venture in the Vegetarian world…in fact it really doesn’t matter if its Vegetarian or not…business at the end of the day is business.


Hoping you will join my Veggie Success 101 coaching program so that you can create the most successful and passionate venture of your life!


Join my coaching program where you will receive:

  • Step by Step instruction to create your very own Vegetarian Business (or any small business for that matter)…whether it’s a brick and mortar or an online venture…why not do both?

  • Help with deciding on which idea is the best to pursue with what you have already….sometimes the bigger plan is at more of a farther reach then you can handle at the moment…but you can always start with a smaller project that can get you started on the way to where you actually want to be.

  • Setting up your social media marketing and building your list, building your brand, and finding customers

  • Access to our private Veggie Success 101 Portal…with a squad of other folks who are concentrating on creating a Vegetarian business that can help them, their family and others along the way. There is super power in SUPPORT!

  • Bi-weekly Group Meetings (conference calls) with question and answer forums so that we can talk about the things you need to get you moving to the next step in your business.

  • How to make it happen with little to no resources…and what you should do first in order to get to the next level

  • Making your first $1

  • The POWER in FREE! – When to give information and services away…and how that can benefit your business…and how about this…when not to give it away!

  • Resources for building your website, branding, extra services and more!


Join Skai Juice’s VEGGIE SUCCESS 101

Coaching Program!


Skai has at a lot of knowledge up in her cap that she wants to share it and help you to live the life you dreamed of. It’s all about mind over matter…plus experience and skill.


Sometimes you just need someone who will take your hand and show you the way! Let’s make it happen!


Join Skai Juice’s VEGGIE SUCCESS 101 Group Coaching Program for only $199 - lifetime membership…and receive all these benefits. 





Here are the other services you can sign up for:


  • Veg Success 101 Group Coaching Program $199 - Lifetime!




  • Veg Success Personal Coaching Program with one on one private consulting $399 (for two months to get you jump started on your first 60 days)




  • Veg Success Personal Coaching Program with private one on one consulting $699(for 6 months…getting your business up and running and getting you paid!)





For more information:  Please contact Skai Juice at your earliest convenience:



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