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Your 10 Day Vegan Immersion Challenge includes:


  • Daily Menus and Recipes

  • Guidelines

  • Food Lists

  • Two of Skai's ebooks: Revolution in the Kitchen  and 25 Hottest Vegan Recipes

  • Daily Google hangouts (Live Video Chats) to meet and greet and delve a bit deeper on aspects of Vegan Cuisine 

  • Connection into Skai's private group on Facebook:  Skai's Online Wellness Center...which has tons more resources, ebooks, etc.

10 Day Vegan Immersion Challenge with

Skai Juice


Wednesday, Feb 18

  • Learn how to transition from a Standard American Diet to a Vegan diet

  • Learn the differences in the various types of Vegan diets. From Vegan gourmet to Vegan detox

  • Save money by learning how to prepare more delicious and healthy cuisine on your own

  • Learn new tips and tricks that will greatly enhance your culinary abilities

  • Connect with others who share a similar interest in vegan foods

  • Experience greater confidence in the kitchen

  • Deepen your knowledge of the healing qualities of vegan foods

  • Discover new ideas for presentation that will transform an ordinary meal into a gourmet experience

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