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Chef Skai's Delicious Raw Pumpkin Pasta with SunDried Tomato Marinara and

Walnut Meat Sauce

You are invited to unplug from your life and come down to Puerto Rico to stay with me for a long weekend (or longer) so we can:


  • Vibrate Higher –  about what is going on in our lives and what we need to do to switch the energy. Let’s write it down, let it go, make a list..and CREATE A PLAN!!.

  • Eat food of the highest vibration…it can only be raw vegan cuisine…made by US…I will show you!  Coconut Water, Fresh tropical fruits, juices and smoothies, herbs, and amazing gourmet specialties.

  • Move our bodies - Im talking Hiking in the rainforest, yoga on the beach, walking through town, museums, old san juan (shopping therapy), swimming in the beach and rivers.  Really connecting to nature. And the absolutely delicious environment here in Puerto Rico, the enchanted island…and of course, dancing! 

~Skai Juice



Vibrate Higher Wellness Experience empowers you to Unplug, Rejuvenate and have Fun!


How you doing? (sounding like Wendy Williams) What is going on in your life?  Are you happy…or are you just living day by day and going through the motions?  Are you motivated to make your life the best life you can? What is blocking you?  What is getting in the way of your bliss?  Are you actively seeking the best for yourself…or are the answers a ball of confusion? Cant lose that weight? Hate your thighs?  Want to eat better? Know what to do but not motivated to do it?


These questions are what we are going to be delving into while you are here.  Creating your magical life and making it happen…the way you know you should.

I have been hosting wellness retreats of various kinds for the last eight years while living here.


  • You can choose the full package…or you can choose the energy exchange.  The difference…folks who choose the energy exchange package are choosing so because they absolutely cannot afford the full package and they are going to be assisting me with tasks…such as: dishwashing by hand, sweeping and clean up, organizing the ladies, and food prep. And you can choose the option to stay one day before OR one day after to help with set-up or breakdown.

  • Yes this is a solo-operation.  Its just me....and sometimes my daughter age 20.

  • You dont need to bring tons of clothes…just a bathing suit, a few wraps, and some shorts and tee-shirts. Also water shoes with rubber slip-proof soles are really great for navigating the rainforest and rivers. Also, natural mosquito spray would help you alot. Sun lotion..once again..a natural one…that doesnt kill the environment would be cool too.




Rules of Engagement

  • I really only have one rule…and its from my experience here hosting these programs throughout the years.  NO SMOKING or DRINKING ALCOHOL. Let’s just face it…my goal here is to help you GET HIGH!  But not by chemical….by deep releasing, rejuvenating and pure manifestation of your goals. Drinking alcohol is not part of the program…but Im not going to police you if you decide to have a pina colada.  Its not that serious.  Big thing here is no inebriation. Its not good for the greater connection of the entire group. And while you may want to release and get IRIE here in the Caribbean..this is not the trip for that >>>>> NEXT!

  • Other than that…folks know how to get along. I have hosted all types of people whom are very different and have had to share space together. Be respectful and mindful of the fact that we all have work to do.  Rejuvenation is serious work...respect that! Our collective goal is to encourage and motivate each other!


Im ready to come down to Puerto Rico, Skai! What do I have to do?


Choose your package:


  • $2500 – Full Package

  • $1500 – Energy Exchange (Help me help you, by assisting in the success of the retreat)


If you are interested in coming, it is based on a first come first paid deposit system. I can accommodate up to 5 people. You are responsible for your own airfare and taxi to our space. You can rideshare to save money. This is what most people do. I will connect you to the other guests soon before the retreat. If you are not able to make this one…I am going to offer another one SHORTLY! Just message me with the dates you are available and we can organize one for you! If you have any questions feel free to contact me or

text 939-891-9215.


My goal is to help you to GET YOUR LIFE! And above all have lots of FUN!


Love you,

Skai Juice





Please note that the Vibrate Higher/Paradise Wellness retreat is an island rejuvenation program; we are NOT a clinic or medical facility. We do not offer medical advice or intervention and we have no medical doctors on site; however we can make arrangements for you to visit a local physician or emergency medical facility if you find it necessary. If you currently have a medical condition, please consult your physician to determine if our programs are appropriate for you.  You will be required to sign a disclaimer releasing Vibrate Higher/Paradise Wellness/Skai Juice from any responsibility for any health conditions you experience, pre-existing or otherwise. 

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